I’m a multimedia designer with photography and filmmaking tendencies.

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On this project I needed to explain what I like most about travelling in 1 minute. While expressing my views on the topic, I also wanted to share a message about travelling more so you can live more.

On this episode I explain how I came up with my new personal brand. If you’d like to see more I’d recommend to start watching from the first episode.

A selection of static and animated logos I’ve created.

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Official trailer for the goblin village simulator, Goblins of Elderstone made by Lost Goblin. Editing, photography, scene recording, composition, some animation and visual effects were made by me. On the 2D design side, I created its logo, some icons and some of the UI elements too. Click here to see more about this project on Dribbble.

Official trailer for the endless runner game Roost Riders from Outsmart Games. What I’ve made for this video was: editing, 2D animation, visual effects and sound selection for the intro part, photography, scene recording and composition for the gameplay part. Aside from the trailer, I’ve also made the complete package for this game 2D design: logo, app icon, UI, icons and website. Click here to see more about this project on Dribbble.

Gameplay video made for the Steam Greenlight campaign when Outsmart Games was launching Blood Gate for PC. Editing, scene recording, scene compositions, logo animation and some UI animation (since not all UI was implemented in the game for recording at the time yet) were made by me. After the release on Steam I did a couple more videos for this game. Blood Gate was originally created for mobile and evolved for PC later. On the mobile project, I worked with Jared MacPherson on some UI design but mostly did the concept animation for visual effects and user interface. Click here to see more about this project on Dribbble.